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Salvadoran President Bukele to Seek Re-Election on Sunday

  • A graffiti from the Salvadoran presidential campaign, 2024.

    A graffiti from the Salvadoran presidential campaign, 2024. | Photo: X/ @WOLA_org

Published 31 January 2024

So far, he has manage to captured 70.9 percent of electoral preference, according to Observa El Salvador consortium.

On Sunday, over five million Salvadorans will go to the polls to elect their next president from six candidates.


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The politicians who aspire to govern this country for the next five years are the current President Nayib Bukele (New Ideas Party), Manuel Flores (Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front), Joel Sanchez (Nationalist Republican Alliance), Jose Renderos (Solidarity Force ), Luis Parada (Our Time), and Marina Murillo (Salvadoran Patriotic Fraternity).

Currently, Bukele captures 70.9 percent of electoral preference, according to a voting intention survey recently carried out by the Observa El Salvador consortium.

This happens even though he has been criticized for the permanent extension of the "State of Exception", a measure aimed at ending gang-related violence in this Central American country.

Carried out through a voting simulation with 1,904 ballots, the Observa El Salvador survey also indicates that the other candidates are well below Bukele: Flores (2.9 percent), Sanchez (2.7 percent), Parada (1.1 percent), and Murillo (0.6 percent).

The political campaign that began on October 3, 2023 will end on Wednesday night. Starting tomorrow, political organizations must maintain electoral silence so that Salvadorans reflect on their voting intention.

According to the latest opinion polls, 32.8 percent of citizens consider that their main concern is the economic situation in El Salvador, a country where unemployment reaches 17.3 percent of the economically active population.


Nayib Bukele
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