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Russia Proposes Venezuelan 'Peaceful Measures' Initiative to UN

  • Russia Proposes Venezuelan 'Peaceful Measures' Initiative to UN.

    Russia Proposes Venezuelan 'Peaceful Measures' Initiative to UN. | Photo: Reuters

Published 10 February 2019

Russia reiterated its support for democratically-elected President Nicolas Maduro, and presented a 'peaceful measures' initiative to the United Nations Security Council regarding Venezuela. 

On Friday afternoon, Russia proposed a call to the United Nations Security Council, to end outside interference from the U.S. and it's allied nations. 

US Blockade on Venezuela Has Cost US$350 Billion: Report

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro hasn't shied-away from calling-on opposition forces to come to the negotiating table in a bid to engage in peaceful dialogue regarding the U.S.' attempted coup on the South American nation, and now Russia has suggested a new resolution to help Maduro protect the country's sovereignty against any possible foreign military intervention.

According to AP, Moscow's proposal calls for "resolving the political tensions in Venezuela through 'peaceful measures' based on a 'political settlement' without any preconditions or outside interference."

Reuters reported that, "The Russian draft would express concern over the attempts to intervene in matters which are essentially within the domestic jurisdiction. It would also express concern over the threats to use force against the territorial integrity and political independence of Venezuela."

Furthermore, TeleSUR Spanish reported that the Russian ambassador to Uruguay, Nikolai Sofinski, confirmed his country's position to support the efforts being made by Mexico, Uruguay, Bolivia and the Community of Caribbean States (CARICOM), to promote dialogue mechanisms between the Government of Venezuela and the opposition.

"We support all the initiatives that advocate dialogue as a means of solution, which advocate that the opposing sides agree without preconditions or impositions or interference of any kind," Sofinski told Russian public television network, Rossiya.

Bolivian President Evo Morales gave his endorsement for peaceful dialogue, and later Tweeted his displeasure of the U.S.' attempts at a coup. "We reject the statements by the self-proclaimed Juan Guaidó who welcomes a U.S. military intervention in Venezuela. I wonder what the brothers' presidents who recognized him have to say about such incitement to war in Latin America." 

In the article, "Daily Life in Venezuela, far from a humanitarian crisis" (originally posted in La Jornada), author Luis Hernández Navarro writes, "Is there a humanitarian crisis in Venezuela as the opposition says? No, not even remotely. A humanitarian crisis is an emergency situation in which the life, health, safety, or well-being of a community or group of people in a country or region are threatened. And in Venezuela life goes on. There is nothing to justify what the adminsistration of Donald Trump and Juan Guiadó want to do, a humanitarian intervention of other nations."

Washington responded to Russian's proposal by demanding that the Security Council formally call for a new presidential election in Venezuela, urging the international community in the meantime to offer its “full support for the National Assembly as the only democratically elected institution,” Reuters reports.

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