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Putin Will Listen to Biden’s Proposal About Ukraine’s Conflict

  • Russia's and US' heads of state's metting. 2021

    Russia's and US' heads of state's metting. 2021 | Photo: EFE

Published 6 December 2021

Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov declared on Monday that the tensions about Ukraine's conflict could be dissolved if Kiev quits on the idea that using force is the only path to solve the problem of the Donbas.

Kremlin Spokesman Dmitry Peskov stated that this crisis situation with Ukraine, will be the main issue on the table at the talks via videoconference on Dec. 7 between Russia and U.S. heads of state.


Putin and Biden Discuss Geneva Agreements on Ukraine’s Conflict

"We heard a statement from the U.S. president that he has concrete proposals on Ukraine for the video conference, obviously on the settlement of the Ukrainian crisis are implied," the spokesman stressed.

"This is important. I think that President Putin will listen with great attention to these proposals, and it will be possible to understand to which extent they can ease tensions," Peskov said.

He added that the only way to release tensions in the crisis situation of Ukraine is that Kiev understands the importance of quitting the intentions to solve Donbas's problem by using force.

The spokesman noted about an "aggressive and hostile rhetoric coming from European capitals" and from Washington as well on the crisis situation of Ukraine.

"We see clearly deliberate leaks in Western, as we say Anglo-Saxon media, which publicize various plans of Russia's alleged invasion of Ukraine," the Pescov exposed.

He remains on the idea that Putin has "an absolutely clearly formulated position" about the importance of keeping on the talks on the system of guarantees that "cannot be unilateral." "This is a two-way road, clear, but at least this is a concrete initiative," the Pescov highlighted.

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