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Pharmaceuticals Earn $152 billion From the Pandemic

  • Johnson & Johnson had a stock market value of $436 billion,10 percent more than the $384 billion registered before the beginning of the health crisis.

    Johnson & Johnson had a stock market value of $436 billion,10 percent more than the $384 billion registered before the beginning of the health crisis. | Photo: Twitter/@StopTechnocracy

Published 19 April 2021

Pharmaceutical companies' revenues exceed by several figures what the country of Mexico spends on healthcare or pensions.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, pharmaceutical companies have accumulated a profit of $152 billion, immune to the uncertainty caused by the effectiveness of some of their vaccines against COVID-19.

According to market data, the stock market value of pharmaceutical companies will not be affected by the problems presented in some places, given their efficacy.


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According to data from the Ministry of Finance and Public Credit, the benefit received by these companies is three times what the Mexican Government spends on the payment of pensions annually, valued at 1 trillion Mexican pesos (approximately $50.4 billion).

The amount collected by the companies is four times more than the $660 billion ($33.2 billion) budgeted for the healthcare sector this 2021 and is almost half of the country's estimated total revenue this year, about 6.2 trillion Mexican pesos.

Following the detection of anomalies and side effects, uncertainty regarding anti-Covid-19 vaccines has grown, and some developed by these pharmaceutical companies have had approval problems in several countries, according to a report in the Mexican newspaper La Jornada.

However, this has not stopped the companies' stock market value from growing. Last January 10 alone, according to local Mexican media, the accumulated profit of the pharmaceutical companies was $90 billion, while now it is $152 billion.

Therefore, in less than three months, its value soared by 70 percent, equivalent to a little more than $60 billion despite the questions.

For its part, Johnson & Johnson, the largest company in the sector, has a stock market value of $436.5 billion, 10 percent more than the $384.3 billion registered before the beginning of the health crisis.

This pharmaceutical company opened in 2021 with a $422 billion level, a figure that increased, even though U.S. federal health regulators recommended a pause in the drug injection after detecting cases of blood clots in women between 18 and 48 years of age.

On the other hand, Pfizer, the second-largest pharmaceutical company of this type, has a value of $217 billion before the pandemic outbreak, which reached a peak at the end of last year to $235 billion and dropped to $206 billion in January 2021, after the pharmaceutical company decided to sell part of its shares to realize its profits.

This company's vaccine presented some side effects and needs, in addition to a third dose to be effective. This element has not affected its value; on the contrary, it has reached the level it had a year ago.

The third most important of these pharmaceutical companies, AstraZeneca, had $66 billion in stock market value before the pandemic and maintained it to date. Its vaccine has been one of the most controversial.

The European Union (EU) suspended its application, as did the United States after suspicious deaths occurred in patients who received the drug.

In the others, such as Moderna, it is recorded that it accumulated an increase in the stock market with $60.7 billion; BioNTech with $27.6 billion; Novavax $8.6 billion; and CanSino 6.9 billion dollars.

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