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Peru: Voters Approve Anti-Corruption Reforms, High Voter Turnout

  • Over 15 million voters were expected to participate in the pivotal election.

    Over 15 million voters were expected to participate in the pivotal election. | Photo: EFE

Published 10 December 2018

Over 80 percent supported three of the four anti-corruption constitutional reforms proposed in July.

Peruvians went to the polls to approve three of the four anti-corruption proposals of Peru’s constitutional referendum were approved by citizens during Sunday’s elections as reported by the countries Oficina Nacional de Procesos Electorales (National Office of Electoral Processes, ONPE) reports.

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Officials in Peru report 80 percent support for the majority of initiatives with a 75.46 percent participation rate.

In the referendum, 78.04 percent of Peruvians voted against the immediate re-election of legislators, a result seen as a punishment for current members of Congress. All current congresspeople will not be able to seek reelections due to the new regulations. 

Peruvians also backed a proposal for a law that regulates the financing of political parties with 78.37 percent; and with 78.79 percent a government initiative that creates a new system for appointing judges and prosecutors.

The fourth initiative was soundly rejected, with only 14 percent in favor and 85 against, which asked the public if Congress should return to the bicameral body.

The referendum was proposed by President Martin Vizcarra on Jul., 28, after discovering an important corruption scheme in the judicial system that incited indignation and protests among the citizens.

"The referendum in itself does not change everything, it is the beginning of a change we are looking for in Peru. I can only say to the people: thank you for trusting in this Government. We will not let you down. In the coming days, we will make a public statement to provide new guidelines for the government,” the president said.

Over 15 million voters participated in the pivotal election at the 85,000 polling stations erected both domestically and abroad.

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