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Peru: Ex-President Vizcarra Barred From Run for Congress

  • Poster promoting congressional candidate Martin Vizcarra, Peru, Jan. 12, 2021. The sign reads,

    Poster promoting congressional candidate Martin Vizcarra, Peru, Jan. 12, 2021. The sign reads, "We are one, We are Peru" | Photo: Twitter/ @MartinVizcarraC

Published 17 January 2021

Electoral authorities ruled out Vizcara's congressional candidacy due to omissions in his income statements.

Lima's Special Electoral Jury (JEE) excluded Peru's former President Martin Vizcarra's (2018-2020) candidacy for Congress over the omission of information about his personal incomes. 


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The JEE concluded that Vizcarra did not specify all the information about the incomes received from the company Agrotecnica Estuquiña SA, of which he has 30 percent of the share.

Ex-Congresswoman Yeni Vilcatoma made the banning request, pointing out to data's omission and false information provided by Vizcarra, running for the "We're Peru" alliance. 

In previous weeks, the JEE dismissed two complaints based on the "permanent moral incapacity" motion against the former president, claiming that the Constitution does not provide for or contemplate the disqualification of an impeached president's political rights.

On January 14, Congress' Oversight Commission (COC) approved a final report recommending Vizcarra's disqualification for up to ten years after investigating the corruption scandal related to the Culture Ministry's irregular hirings. 

COC chairman Edgar Alarcon explained that Vizcarra allowed the illegitimate use of the Hiring Law to favor friends and relatives to access state jobs, thus committing abuse of power.

Last year, Vizcarra was dismissed by Congress for two corruption scandals related to the illegal hiring of singer Richard "Swing" by the Ministry of Culture and the alleged reception of US$660,000 in bribes when he was Moquegua governor (2011- 2014).

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