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Paraguayans Across Political Spectrum March Against Corruption

  • Activists celebrate the resignation of deputy, José María Ibáñez, Monday August 6, 2018,

    Activists celebrate the resignation of deputy, José María Ibáñez, Monday August 6, 2018, | Photo: EFE

Published 7 August 2018

The protesters took to the streets to reject corruption case linked to Jose Maria Ibanez and against the lawmakers who defended him after he was exposed for graft. 

Hundreds of Paraguayans marched against corruption Monday carrying only national flags as it was not a demonstration linked to a party but to protest against corruption and the protection government officials have received in cases of corruption, specifically the case of Jose Maria Ibanez a former lawmaker representing the Colorado Party.

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The demonstration was called for by students of Asuncion's National University (UNA), but many other social organizations and political parties turned up to the "Plaza de Armas" (Central Square), located in front of the National Congress, in the capital Asunción.

Jose Maria Ibanez received protection from 53 other lawmakers who acted against him being impeached, over the "Caseros de oro" (golden landlord) corruption case. Ibanez "hired" three people as part of his staff in Congress as administrative assistants, but they never showed to work, and the checks were cashed out by other people.

The demonstrators protested against Ibanez corruption case as well as against the lawmakers who defended him and against other corruption cases that have been exposed to the public eye in the South American country.

After the exposing of the scandal, Paraguayans had organized several actions of protest against the case, forcing Jose Maria Ibañez to resign from his post at the country's Congress.

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