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Panamanian Workers Are Determined to Continue the Protest

  • Protests in Panama, July 15, 2022.

    Protests in Panama, July 15, 2022. | Photo: Twitter/ @Destinopanam

Published 15 July 2022

Social organizations described President Laurentino Cortizo's dialogue process as an inconsequential "show."

On Friday, the United People for Life Alliance, the National Alliance for the Rights of the Organized People (ANADEPO), and the Construction Workers Union (SUNTRACS) confirmed that Panamanian social organizations will continue to protest in the streets and highways.


Panamanian Unions Extend Strike Against the Cortizo Administration

Currently, citizens are blocking roads in Panama City and provinces such as Colon, Chiriqui, and Veraguas. Indigenous organizations and farmers have also closed the Pan-American highway in areas such as Bocas del Toro, Veraguas, Azuero, and Pacora.

Since July 6, Panamanians have been mobilized to reject President Laurentino Cortizo, whose administration has failed to reduce fuel and food prices, poverty, unemployment, housing shortages, and corruption.

Over the last week, teachers, students, and carriers have been progressively joining the popular resistance against the economic elites and their neoliberal State.

From Colon, an area where intense protests were registered months ago, the Panamanian workers demanded a national dialogue but with the true representatives of the people. They accept the possibility of starting a negotiation process to overcome the economic crisis.

However, citizens reject that Cortizo has called for a dialogue with pro-government social delegates and politicians "well known" for their corrupt practices. This claim arose given that the Cortizo administration did not invite the most important workers' organizations to the negotiating tables that supposedly began on Thursday.

"The Panamanian government fails in its attempt to quell the protests," outlet El Economista said, recalling that workers consider the government-convened dialogue to be just an inconsequential "show."

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