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Palestine And Nicaragua Strengthen Relations With Cooperation

  • Nicaragua and Palestine in talks for better cooperation ties.

    Nicaragua and Palestine in talks for better cooperation ties. | Photo: El 19 Digital

Published 6 December 2018

Nicaraguan Foreign Affaris Minister, Denis Moncada, met with a Palestinian delegation on Thursday.

A delegation from the Palestinian International Cooperation Agency (PICA) is visiting Nicaragua and has had a meeting with Nicaraguan Foreign Affairs Minister Denis Moncada, to talk about cooperation between both countries. The cooperation will be centered in different areas, such as education, health, technology, agroindustry, and green energy.

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In the framework of the historical relationship of friendship and politics between the two countries, "the Palestinian government really has the best will and the enthusiasm to cooperate with Nicaragua," said the Foreign Minister Moncada.

Moncada highlighted that there are several areas where cooperation can be achieved between both countries, which is why the PICA delegation will meet with the representatives of different ministries and other organizations in Nicaragua.

"These issues will be discussed with the corresponding ministries and we will elaborate a kind of action plan to realize the cooperation of Palestine in specific terms and with specific objectives and actions as well," stated the Nicaraguan Foreign Minister.

The Palestinian delegation is headed by Imad M. M. Zuhairi, general-director of PICA, who stated that he went to Nicaragua not only to thank but also to make solidarity something more material, and to strengthen the relationship between the two countries, taking it to a practical level via projects.

"Palestine has many resources in very important sectors such as the agricultural sector, health, renewable energy, technology, hence we come to start already in those sectors with friends and the government of Nicaragua to put it into practice," Zuhairi said.

Adding that the Nicaraguan people have always defended human rights and are on the side of Palestinian people and of their independence while supporting their right to be an independent state. For these reasons PICA thanks Nicaragua for its political stances in international forums, "it is time to say thanks to Nicaragua, its people, and their government."

He also introduced regards from Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega and to Vice President Rosario Murrillo, and thanked them for the cooperation between their countries and their important relationship.


Denis Moncada
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