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Over 30 Indigenous Delegates Nominated to Venezuela Constituent Assembly So Far

  • Venezuelan Indigenous communities will hold 3,473 assemblies prior to the Constituent Assembly.

    Venezuelan Indigenous communities will hold 3,473 assemblies prior to the Constituent Assembly. | Photo: AVN

Published 3 July 2017

"It is the Indigenous peoples themselves who are choosing their candidates and will be the ones who will choose their Indigenous constituents," said spokeswoman Aloha Nuñezla.

More than 30 representatives of Indigenous communities in Venezuela have been nominated as candidates for the National Constituent Assembly, whose members will be elected by direct vote on July 30.

Candidates for Venezuela's Constituent Assembly Meet in Caracas

Indigenous spokeswoman Aloha Nuñez announced that throughout Venezuela, more than 2,200 assemblies have been held where Indigenous communities "are choosing their spokespeople to go to the regional assembly that corresponds to us." The communities will hold a total of 3,473 assemblies, according to their cultures, traditions and customs, to choose the spokespeople who will go to the three regional assemblies, where representatives will be selected for the National Constituent Assembly.

In the southern region of the states of Amazonas and Apure, one constituent will be elected; four in the western region of Merida, Trujillo and Zulia states; and three in the eastern region of Anzoategui, Bolivar, Delta Amacuro, Monagas and Sucre states.

"The Indigenous people must be elected by the Indigenous peoples themselves and today," President Nicolas Maduro "is the guarantor of that right, of that legacy of Commandante (Hugo) Chavez because it is the Indigenous people themselves who are choosing their candidates and who will be the ones that will choose their Indigenous constituents,"explained Nuñez.

The National Electoral Council began an audit of the electoral process for the Constituent Assembly. The review process will begin with the certification of the voting machine software and the voting register, which will take two days. On Tuesday there will be an audit of voter information that will extend until July 7.

The review and verification process will be done by electoral technicians and the parties to the election and will be transmitted live by the CNE TV channel on the website of the electoral board.

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