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Oliver Stone: The US is Waging a War Against Russia Since 2006

  • "No country on earth would survive should the world’s most powerful nuclear states unleash their atomic weapons", Vladimir Putin said in an interview with American film director Oliver Stone in 2017. | Photo: Twitter @UnBmanntAufLand

Published 12 May 2021

The American Oscar-winning director, famous for his work on such movies as Midnight Express, Scarface, and JFK, was criticized for a series of interviews he made with Vladimir Putin in 2017, viewed by some Western media outlets as an advocacy project for the Russian president.

American film director Oliver Stone has said in an interview with The Washington Post that the US has been waging a "war" against Russia for over a decade. "There has been a campaign, a war against Russia going on for a long time. It started again in the US around 2006-2007, when he made that speech at Munich", Stone suggested.

US Weaponizing COVID-19 Against Venezuela, Iran: Oliver Stone

Russian President Vladimir Putin condemned U.S. attempts to dominate the global agenda and act unilaterally during his speech at the 2007 Munich Conference. He argued that decisions to invade foreign countries should only be made in the United Nations and condemned NATO's continuing expansion to the east, closer to Russia's borders, in violation of all existing agreements.

In his interview with the Washington Post, Stone also disputed the West's routine claims about Russia acting aggressively or threateningly. "I think there is no evidence really of the aggressiveness of Russia. The aggressiveness is truly coming from the NATO forces that have encircled Russia and that are also encircling China", the director claimed.


Stone has been previously criticized for supposedly advocating on behalf of Vladimir Putin and his policies in a series of interviews with the Russian president, the first broadcast in 2017 – when relations between Moscow and Western countries had begun going downhill. When asked by the Washington Post, the renowned director dismissed allegations that he was intentionally non-confrontational with Putin and some of his previous interviewees, such as former Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and Cuban leader Fidel Castro. 

Stone insisted that he simply wanted to let these people speak for themselves and share their views on things rather than press them and force them to assume a defensive posture.

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