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No Planet B: Students Stand Up at Global Climate Strike

  • Demostrators call for action on climate change during the

    Demostrators call for action on climate change during the "Fridays for Future" school strike in Vienna, Austria May 24, 2019. | Photo: Reuters

Published 24 May 2019

The "declaration of climate emergency" became the meeting point of those who joined the "Fridays for Future Movement." 

After the success reached at the first Global Strike on March 15, the global students 'Fridays for Future Movement' hits the streets again with over 1.4 million teenager protesters who claim for real actions against climate change in more than 110 countries.


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Demonstrations carried out in 126 Italian cities made a precise request: the Italian Parliament and municipalities must declare a "state of climatic emergency" as did the British House of Commons on May 2 and the Milan's Communal Council on May 24.

"Regarding the first global strike, our demands became more precise," Francesca Travaglino, an Italian student, said and explained that "we ask now for a declaration of the climate emergency".

"There is no planet B" and "Change the system, not the climate" were the most heard phrases during the impressive marches held at Rome, as Ansa agency reported.

The fervor of youth for environmental protection has also taken over Belgium, a country where students are carrying out weekly actions in favor of climate and intergenerational justice, as Vice reported.

"If politicians come to talk to you during demonstrations, you have to keep a rude attitude," a Belgian student, Anuna de Wever, said, also explaining that "rulers should do their job and offer action plans now."

In Portugal, citizens occupied squares and streets holding banners that read "Do not frack Mother Nature", "Stop snoozing the problem", "I want to leave my grand daughters a clean and healthy planet," "I want to break free from plastic!," "Capitalism cannot ever be green," and "Let's change our production patterns and styles," as Renascenca reported.

In Spain, the need to declare a climate emergency was assumed by the left alliance formed by Podemos, Izquierda Unida, Participa, Equo, Izquierda Andalucista, Primavera Andaluza and Republican Alternative.

"Among our priorities we have the fight against climate change. It is now or never. There is no planet B as thousands of young people who take to the streets throughout Europe remind us every Friday", Susana Serrano, mayoral candidate of Adelante Sevilla, said.

It seems that the climate change global movement will not stop. Activist Greta Thunberg called Thursday to prepare for a new world-wide strike on September 20.

"Once again our voice will be heard in the streets, but it cannot depend only on us," says an open letter signed by 50 young environmental leaders who call on the whole society to get involved in the fight.

"We will start a 'climate action week' with a global strike on Sep. 20. We ask you to join in. There are many activities in different parts of the world to get involved in. Go out that day to the streets with your neighbor, co-worker, friends and family, so that our voices can be heard."

From Belgium, Germany, Switzerland, the U.K., Australia, the U.S, France, South Africa, India, Japan or Chile, the open letter signatories seek a "turning point in history" on Sep. 20 by making adults go from "simply praising youth demonstrations to action."

"To change everything, we need everyone," the letter indicates and calls for a "massive resistance and collective actions to raise the pressure and ensure that change occurs as soon as possible... We are counting on you."

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