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Nicaragua’s Sandinista Youth Back Venezuela Against Imperialism

  • Young Sandinistas gathered to show support fo the Bolivarian Revolution in Managua

    Young Sandinistas gathered to show support fo the Bolivarian Revolution in Managua | Photo: Twitter @SoySandinista_

Published 13 May 2017

The group remembered the legacy of former Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez and called for peace across Latin America.

The Sandinista Youth of Nicaragua on Friday announced its support for Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and the Bolivarian Revolution amid escalating attacks from the country's right-wing opposition.

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Hundreds of young people gathered outside the Venezuelan embassy in Managua to reject right-wing violence in the South American nation. The organization read a statement where they recalled the legacy of former Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez "in favor of the peace of the people of America."

They remembered Chavez's work toward "lifting people out of poverty, not only in Venezuela, but across Latin America and Caribbean countries."

Participants stood before Venezuela's diplomatic headquarters and played music while waving Venezuelan flags. They were guarded by government police. Sandinista Youth also read a statement that rejected the "destabilizing" attempts against Maduro's government.

"We embrace the inaudible struggle of the brave Venezuelan people and join our voices in favor of the proposal of a constituent assembly by President Nicolas Maduro," the statement read.

Members of the socialist group also said they supported the youth movement in Venezuela that is trying to end violence and defend the social gains of the Bolivarian Revolution.

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"Our greetings to the youth who waves flags of victory, love and solidarity in defense of the Revolution. Together we will defeat the media lies and the coup," organization representatives said.

Protests in Venezuela have lasted for more than a month and have left up to 40 people dead. The Venezuelan ambassador to Nicaragua, Javier Arrue, said the main interest of his government was to return to peace and to stop the violent protests by the opposition.

The relationship between Nicaragua and Venezuela strengthened with the return to power of the Sandinista National Liberation Front, or FSLN, in 2007. According to official figures, Venezuelan cooperation with Nicaragua within the last decade has added more than US$3.5 billion for social programs.

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