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Nicaragua: Meetings For Understanding and Peace Begin

  • New peace dialogues start in Nicaragua

    New peace dialogues start in Nicaragua | Photo: El 19 Digital, Cesar Perez

Published 27 February 2019

Nicaraguan government and opposition start new dialogue negotiations, witnessed by the apostolic nuncio and other Catholic Church representatives.

In Nicaragua, on Wednesday morning, the meeting for understanding and peace began. Different delegations from the Nicaraguan political spectrum have gathered to reach agreements that benefit peace and dialogue.

Nicaraguan Gov't Meets with Business Leaders to Advance 'Peace and Stability'

Representatives of the Nicaraguan government, led by President Daniel Ortega, and representatives of the Civic Alliance for Justice and Democracy met at the negotiation table for peace and understanding. The negotiations are being witnessed by the apostolic nuncio to Nicaragua Waldemar Stanislaw Sommertag and Nicaraguan Cardinal Leopoldo Brenes.

The Nuncio told journalists, after the meeting, that in the first working session, both parties molded a nine-point plan of action "which constitutes the regulations for the functioning of the negotiation". This first working day was planned for the definition of the agenda, the work methodology, and analyzed proposals from those who can act as facilitators and as guarantors.

"Of the initial proposal of twelve points, the approval of nine was achieved," said the religious representative, without further specifications and without accepting questions from media.

The government delegation is headed by Foreign Minister Denis Moncada, lawmakers Edwin Castro, Jose Figueroa and Wilfredo Navarro, judicial magistrate Francisco Rosales, and student leader Luis Andino.

The delegation from the Civic Alliance is headed by the academic and former ambassador in the United States Carlos Tünnermann, and also the presidents of the two main employers chambers of Nicaragua, Jose Adan Aguerri and Mario Arana.

The Nicaraguan Army expressed its support for the negotiations on Wednesday. "Nicaragua is starting a paramount meeting for all Nicaraguans, where national authorities and representatives of different sectors will have the historical responsibility to achieve the necessary consensus for the welfare of the nation," the military institution said in a public statement.

In the document, the Army highlighted "the urgent need to always reflect thinking aimed for what's best for the country" and assured that the full of the Armed Forces, support this new negotiating table. "We support this effort that must reach the necessary consensus, as the only route to search for solutions that allow us to redirect ourselves to consolidate security, tranquility, stability, development, well-being and the greatest desire of all: PEACE!"


Denis Moncada
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