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    Brazil's President Jair Bolsonaro looks on during an Army Day ceremony, in Brasilia | Photo: Reuters

Published 23 April 2019

“As the leader of a nation he has set an awful example of how to drive a motorcycle.”

Brazil's President Jair Bolsonaro found himself under heavy criticism over his latest motorcylcle ride on Easter as the far-right leader violated his own country's traffic regulations. 


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The Brazilian leader posted a video via his social media accounts on Eastern Sunday that showed him revving his engine too loudly and wearing his helmet improperly. 

“It’s an extremely serious infringement,” Maurício Januzzi, a transport lawyer, told the Folha de S Paulo newspaper of the second offence. “As the leader of a nation he has set an awful example of how to drive a motorcycle.”

A bike trip in Guarujá! A big hug to everyone!

According to The Guardian, Januzzi said that by law Bolsonaro should be fined, receive seven penalty points and have his license suspended.

Folha de S Paulo asked Bolsonaro if he even had a motorcycle license, but the Brazlian President did not respond to the question.

Bolsonaro's tough guy persona has not seemingly gained him much popularity as after 100 days in office, he has the lowest recorded approval rating in Brazilian history. 

According to a poll from the Brazilian Institute of Public Opinion and Statistics, Bolsonaro's approval rating went from 49% on January 1 to 34% at the end of March. 

Bolsonaro's presidency has been marred with controversy since he entered office as his controversial statements, nepotism, and poor cabinet management have garnered him little support. 

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