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Morales: 'Hopefully US Embassy Won't Conspire Against Bolivian People

  • Morales criticized US interventionism and thanked other countries for their support.

    Morales criticized US interventionism and thanked other countries for their support. | Photo: Bolivia's Foreign Ministry

Published 17 February 2018

The president also used the occasion to express Bolivia’s solidarity with Venezuela and President Nicolas Maduro.

Speaking at a greeting event for members of the diplomatic corps accredited to Bolivia on Friday, President Evo Morales said, he hoped that the government of the United States and officials at its Embassy would not conspire against the Bolivian people as they have against others in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Why Bolivia Fights US Imperialism, But Chile Does Not

“We face many conspiracies, and hopefully, I am honest, direct, excuse me, the United States Embassy will not conspire against the Bolivian people... and the Cultural and Democratic Revolution,” Morales said.

“Bolivia will work for Latin America to be a peace zone. We think that any intervention only creates greater rebellion and resistance, we don’t agree with an interventionist policy, first comes our dignity and sovereignty,” he added referencing the  U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson's visit to the region and his call for a military coup against Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro.

"Bolivia will work to make Latin America a zone of peace. We consider that any intervention only creates more rebellion and resistance, we do not share the policy of interference, first there is our dignity and sovereignty," said Morales.

Morales also defended his country's economic and political model stating: "As ambassadors, you will witness the great achievements of Bolivia, we are leaders in economic growth in South America, we have guaranteed political and social stability. We no longer obey foreign policies, we are liberated from neoliberalism."

He added: “When we liberated ourselves politically from the U.S. embassy, now we are better democratically; when we liberated ourselves from certain policies imposed from the top and from outside we are better economically, that’s the reason for our economic growth."

In his closing statements, Morales said “it is a joy to receive the diplomatic corps once more,” and thanked some of those present for providing “solitary and unconditional support” to face natural disasters in nine of Bolivia’s departments.

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