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Miss Trans Chile Accuses Network of Discrimination

  • Miss Trans Chile Accuses Network of Discrimination.

    Miss Trans Chile Accuses Network of Discrimination. | Photo: Fernanda Munoz Instagram

Published 5 March 2019

Masterchef Chile featured Miss Trans Chile Fernanda Munoz, whose joy at appearing on the show was soured when, she says, the network - Canal 13, failed to highlight her success at the beauty pageant.

Sunday's new season of Masterchef Chile featured their Miss World winner, Antonia Figueroa, and Miss Trans Chile Fernanda Munoz. However, while network executives highlighted Figueroa's accolades, they - according to Munoz, neglected her achievements, while she   questioned if Canal 13 want to promote transgender people on their network.

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According to ElDesconcierto, Munoz felt censored and therefore couldn't perform at her best capabilities.

Posting on her Instagram account, she wrote "Is being a Miss Trans something you don't want to show on your network? Seriously, it's 2019."

Taking aim at Canal 13, she continued; "I am Miss Trans therefore my goal is the visibility of my community. It's unfair that a Miss Cisgender is promoted while I am ignored. I also won a crown and yet they presented me as a model and not as a picture of my work. That is censorship and discrimination."

She concluded by saying she will represent Chile in the Miss International Trans competition to be held in Mexico.

Munoz' Instagram followers were full of support for her, and offered an alternative angle to the controversy, with one follower in particular suggesting it's a positive that focus isn't given to certain aspects of her life.

"You know? Looking at it from another point of view, it's good that you do not give focus to that aspect of your life. Since knowing how silly and morbid some people are, they would have focused on aspects of your private life instead of your participation in the program."

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