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Mexico: Feminists Demand AMLO Policies With Gender Perspective

  • AMLO will assume the office of the presidency on Dec. 1.

    AMLO will assume the office of the presidency on Dec. 1. | Photo: Reuters

Published 14 August 2018

Several feminist groups have demanded that the president-elect have a gender perspective to promote women's participation in every realm.

Mexico's feminist organizations demanded president-elect Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) to enact public policies with a gender perspective to change the economic model, guarantee women's labor, political and reproductive rights.

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The Leadership Institute Simone de Beauvoir, the Group of Information on Chosen Reproduction (GIRE Mexico), IPAS Mexico, and Equis - Justice for Women urged the new government to work on policies that do not reinforce gender stereotypes and enable women's full participation in every realm, while also lamenting the women's agenda doesn't seem to be a priority for the upcoming government.  

Ximena Andion, director of the Leadership Institute Simone de Beauvoir, said a press conference Monday that her organization has requested a series of meetings with AMLO's cabinet, recognizing a window of opportunity in the designation of several high-profile women in key ministries and the appointment of former justice Olga Sanchez to the ministry of the interior. 

"We don't want more pink policies because they are not transforming the social or family structures," Andion said. Instead, they are demanding action to guarantee access to justice, social security, a democracy based on gender parity,  and the elimination of obstetric violence, maternal mortality and forced pregnancies. 

Regina Tames director of GIRE said, "they speak of poverty, impunity, corruption as if women were on another planet that is oblivious to these issues."

In this regard, Ana Pecova, director of Equis - Justice for Women, supported Sanchez's proposal to legalize marijuana because possession and trafficking disproportionately affect women. According to Pecova, at the federal level, it is the leading cause of imprisonment for women.

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