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Mexico: AMLO Leads Presidential Poll by Almost 11%

  • Lopez Obrador leads second-place Ricardo Anaya by 10.9 percent.

    Lopez Obrador leads second-place Ricardo Anaya by 10.9 percent. | Photo: Reuters FILE

Published 10 April 2018

El Universal published a poll which shows Lopez Obrador holding a comfortable lead over his closest competitor.

Mexican leftist candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) – who has had two unsuccessful presidential runs – is enjoying a near 11-percent lead over his closest rival. The National Regeneration Movement (Morena) leader is ahead according to a newspaper poll. 

Mexico Will Be No Foreign Gov't's Piñata: Leftist Hopeful Lopez Obrador

El Universal published results of a poll which shows AMLO holding a comfortable double-digit lead over his closest competitor, following some 42 percent of people who participated in the poll saying they would vote for the former mayor. The election is scheduled for July 1.

Lopez Obrador leads Ricardo Anaya by 10.9 percent

Anaya is currently trending in second place with 31 percent of the poll votes ahead of Jose Antonio Meade on 21.9 percent and Margarita Zavala on 5 percent.

Meade is running as the candidate for the ruling Institutional Revolutionary Party, while Zavala, wife former President Felipe Calderon, is running as an independent candidate.

Lopez Obrador numbers surged due to the public's general displeasure with widespread violence and corruption. AMLO has promised to eliminate government corruption and invest in infrastructure, health, education and social programs without raising taxes.

He has also expressed displeasure with Peña Nieto's enabling of Donald Trump. “Our country, our people, will not be a piñata of any foreign government.”

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