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Mexico: 19 Months Since Students Disappear, Parents Lead March

  • Parents of Ayotzinapa students call government investigation a

    Parents of Ayotzinapa students call government investigation a "lie" during the march. | Photo: @ClaytonCteleSUR

Published 26 April 2016

Parents continue to demand authorities keep up the search for the missing 43 students.

Marking 19 months since the 43 Ayotzinapa students were forcibly disappeared by police in Iguala, Guerrero, the families of the victims held a commemorative march in the Mexican capital from the historic Angel of Independence Monument to the Juarez Hemicycle.

Over 500 people march in the streets of the capital, carrying torches and photos in memory of their disappeared relatives. Photo: @Coordinadora1DM

Photo: @Rdiazguerrero

The parents of the students held a press conference Monday in which they reiterated their longstanding demand that the authorities continue the search for the missing 43, as well as prosecute all those implicated in the attacks, disappearances and complicity in the crime.

7 Federal Police Help Abduct Ayotzinapa Students, 2 Identified

This demand extends to an investigation of Thomas Zeron, director of the Criminal Investigation Agency of Mexico’s attorney general’s office, who the families accuse of planting evidence and formulating the government’s so-called “historic truth” which argues that the 43 students were executed, incinerated and their remains dispersed in a river by organized crime members.

WATCH: Experts Denounce Gov't. Attempts to Block Ayotzinapa Case

Mario Cesar Gonzalez, one of the fathers, stated, “We want Tomas Zeron to resign and be investigated,” said Gonzalez, “he is the one who lied to us and planted the evidence in the San Juan River.”

The accusation comes after the group of independent experts from the Inter American Commission on Human Rights, gave their second and final 605-page report on the Ayotzinapa case and the government’s handling of it.

​Rights Experts Give Damning Report on Mexico 'Injustice' System

It outlines a wide array of methodology problems, omissions, errors and even attempts by the authorities to cover up elements in the case.

Due to the accusations of torture, planting of evidence and obstructing the independent team from fully investigating the case, Mexico’s attorney general’s office has announced that the Ayotzinapa case will remain open until each individual involved is prosecuted.

However, Mexican authorities have refused to renew a third mandate of the group of independent experts, whose term officially ends on April 30.

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