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Mexican Actress Criticized For Brownface Parody of Roma Star

  • Mexican actress under fire for doing brownface parody of Yalitza Aparicio.

    Mexican actress under fire for doing brownface parody of Yalitza Aparicio. | Photo: Reuters

Published 6 March 2019

Yeka Rosales, a Mexican actress came under fire for parodying Indigenous actress Yalitza Aparicio wearing brown skin paint and making racist gestures. 

A television personality from Mexico is being criticized widely for doing a brownface parody of Indigenous Mexican actress Yalitza Aparicio.


Oscars Joy For Cuaron And 'Roma' in Record Night

Yeka Rosales posted a video of herself on Instagram wearing brown skin paint and a prosthetic nose to parody the “Roma” actress.

Rosales wore a similar dress worn by Aparicio at the Oscars and made excessive facial expressions often used to stereotype Indigenous people.

The incident took place to promote show La Parodia. The network, named, Televisa wrote in a statement, “We do not believe that the production of La Parodia engages in this type of practice,” adding that they condemn racism and discrimination and will edit some comments that were made in “bad taste.”

A Mexican soap opera star apologized in February for using a racial slur to describe actress Yalitza Aparicio, whose performance in the critically acclaimed film "Roma" has made her the first Indigenous woman to be nominated for the best actress Oscar.

Previously, four Mexican actresses were also accused of trying to stop Aparicio from being nominated for the best actress award at the prestigious Ariel awards ceremony.

“The Mexican elite disposition has always portrayed indigenous people as funny and ugly,” William Nericcio, a professor at the Center for Latin American Studies at San Diego State University. “Networks like Televisa profit from this.”

Rosales replied by saying, “I interpret people of all the skin colors and races and ages that exist in the world,” adding that she doesn’t “discriminate.”

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