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Maduro: 'I Stand Firm Defending Venezuela's Sovereignty'

  • President Nicolas Maduro visited about 2,000 members of the armed forces during drills. Feb. 1, 2019

    President Nicolas Maduro visited about 2,000 members of the armed forces during drills. Feb. 1, 2019 | Photo: Twitter: @NicolasMaduro

Published 1 February 2019

The Venezuelan president visited the armed forces while they were carrying out military drills.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro reaffirmed his commitment to defending the people’s sovereignty of the country when visiting members of the Bolivarian National Armed Forces (FANB) carrying out military drills on Friday.


Donald Trump's War of Recolonization Against Venezuela

“As commander in chief of the FANB, I stand firm in defense of the people’s sovereignty, of the constitution and the rights of Venezuela,” said Maduro while supervising the drills.

“Such was the welcoming I received from the Commando Actions Group of the National Bolivarian Guard. Honorable ladies and gentlemen, always ready to protect the people and safeguard national peace. Long live our glorious Bolivarian National Guard!”

The Venezuelan president said that the FANB are the spine of sovereignty against destabilizing attacks by the U.S. government that generate violence in the South American country.

He also said the Bolivarian Revolution is facing the greatest “political and economical battle that Venezuela has seen in 200 years,” adding Venezuela will win: “We’re the homeland of Bolivar, who doesn’t capitulate or bow to anyone.”

Maduro called for the FANB to maintain cohesion, loyalty to the Constitution and absolute unity in the military leadership.

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza recently said the words of U.S. Vice President Mike Pence, who said “Cuba’s malign influence is evident in Venezuela & Nicaragua, where the regime of Daniel Ortega is oppressing the people & denying them their basic rights,” were reminiscent of the language of the Cold War.

“This is like listening Nixon or McCarthy. The anachronic language of the Cold War, useless in the XXI Century. The ideologization of the international relations. Interventionist, belicist, imperialist and dogmatic. The virtual world of Donald Trump and his team.”

Un total de 2.000 efectivos de la FANB participaron este viernes en los ejercicios militares de cara a la celebración del 200° aniversario del Congreso de Angostura.

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