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Maduro Denounces Dangerous Message on Use of Chemical Weapons

  • Right-wing protesters attack a Venezuelan police officer in Caracas.

    Right-wing protesters attack a Venezuelan police officer in Caracas. | Photo: Reuters

Published 9 April 2017


The president ordered that the mayor of El Hatillo, David Smonlansky be investigated for the false accusation of the use of chemical weapons by the government against opposition demonstrators.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro condemned the right-wing mayor of El Hatillo, David Smolansky's Twitter accusation, where he pointed to the possibility of government use of chemical weapons against its people.

Fake News: Venezuela Right-Wing Say Gov't Uses Chemical Weapons

Maduro warned that these types of messages seek to justify an intervention in Venezuela, as occurred in Syria, where prior to the U.S. attack, an intense media campaign was conducted in which the Syrian government was accused of using chemical weapons against its people without the U.N. or the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons having reported the existence of such weapons in the Arab country.

"Yesterday, a mayor of a municipality in eastern Caracas issued a very dangerous, reckless message, trying to accuse me and the government of using chemical weapons against the population. This is very serious, especially after what we know imperialism has done, building a false positive to launch missiles against the people of Syria," the president said Sunday.

Maduro questioned the actions of the Venezuelan opposition whom he described as selling out the country. "I call on the country's sensible people. Is this the path you want? There is always time for reflection."

He recalled the recent attacks that have been launched by the Organization of American States — questioning Venezuela's domestic politics — and its continued determination to invoke the Democratic Charter, adding that in spite of everything, during the three sessions of the OAS Permanent Council, the proposal has been defeated.

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