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Lula Managed to Increase 515,000 Jobs in Brazil in 2023

  • Brazilian workers, 2023.

    Brazilian workers, 2023. | Photo: X/ @ptbrasil

Published 29 December 2023

All economic sectors experienced increases, except for agriculture, livestock, and fishing,

The Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE) reported that employment in Brazil reached a record figure of 100.5 million people between September and November 2023.


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Such a figure represents an increase of 515,000 people with jobs compared to the September-November period in 2022.

In November alone, the economic policies implemented by the Lula administration managed to generate 130,000 new jobs, according to the local media Central da Politica.

Since the adoption of the new statistical model in 2021, it is the second time that the Brazilian employed population has surpassed 100 million workers, following the record set in the moving quarter ending in October.

The text reads, "The IBGE stated that unemployment decreased to 7.5 percent in the quarter ending in November. When the previous president was asked for more jobs, he said that businessmen are the ones who create jobs. That is the difference. Lula knows what his role is."

All analyzed sectors experienced increases, except for agriculture, livestock, and fishing, which saw a 4.3 percent decrease (365,000 people) in year-on-year comparison.

The economic sector that saw the greatest leap was transportation, logistics, and postal services, which recorded a 4.3 percent growth (228,000 people) compared to the same moving quarter of 2022.

On the other hand, between September and November, the number of unemployed individuals was 8.2 million, a figure that has remained virtually stable since June.

The text reads, "President Lula's government has put Brazil on the right path! In 2024, the work continues, always focused on guaranteeing more jobs, income, and a better life for Brazilians. Here we go!.

In the year-on-year comparison, the unemployment rate dropped by 0.6 percentage points after registering 8.1 percent in the 2022 September-October quarter.

In November, 39.4 million Brazilians were informally employed, meaning the informality rate was 39.2 percent of the employed population.

Since 2012, the unemployment rate has been reported monthly in Brazil, but the moving quarter with the preceding months is considered the reference for the reported period.


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