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Lula Leads Polls for Brazilian Runoff

  • Former Brazilian President Lula da Silva heading the polls for the Brazilian Presidential election. Jun. 22, 2022.

    Former Brazilian President Lula da Silva heading the polls for the Brazilian Presidential election. Jun. 22, 2022. | Photo: Twitter/@psecada

Published 22 June 2022

According to a survey, in a second round, the founder of the PT mobilizes 52 percent of the vote against 35 percent for the current president.

A new survey on the voting intentions of the Brazilian electorate for the presidential elections next October, the results of which were released on Wednesday, shows that former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva extends his lead over the candidate and current president Jair Bolsonaro in the eventual scenario of a runoff.

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According to the study by PoderData, the founder of the Workers' Party mobilizes 52 percent of the vote, while the ultra-right-wing president obtains 35 percent. The gap is 17 percentage points. According to local media, this is the first time in four months that the difference between Lula and Bolsonaro grows outside the margin of error of 2 points.

In mid-February, this same poll showed Lula with 50 percent of the intentions and Bolsonaro with 35 percent. Last April, two polls revealed a nine percentage point difference. The previous survey, applied at the beginning of June, showed that there was only a 10-point difference at that time, but from then on, Bolsonaro has been losing ground.

Among other interesting data, the PoderData study confirms that Lula would prevail over Bolsonaro in the first round of the elections, with 44 percent of the vote against 34 percent, respectively.

Lula extends his advantage and reaches 52% of voting intentions in the second round, says PoderData.
 Bolsonaro appears with 35% and the gap is now 17 percentage points, the survey shows.

The survey showed that the candidates Ciro Gomes (Democratic Labor Party, PDT) with 6 percent, and André Janones (Avante) with 2 percent, follow.

According to PoderData, next comes Simone Tebet (Brazilian Democratic Movement, MDB), Luciano Bivar (União Brasil), and José Maria Eymael (Christian Democracy, DC) with 1 percent each.

PoderData is a company of the Poder360 Jornalismo group. This survey was conducted from June 19 to 21. The data were collected through 3,000 telephone interviews, conducted in 302 municipalities in the 27 federal states. The margin of error is two percentage points.

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