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Lula Calls To Vote for Socialist Candidate in Sao Paulo

  • Former Brazilian President Lula da Silva calls for voters to elect socialist candidate Guillermo Boulos in Sao Paulo.

    Former Brazilian President Lula da Silva calls for voters to elect socialist candidate Guillermo Boulos in Sao Paulo. | Photo: Twitter/@VTVCanal8

Published 17 November 2020

For the second round of the municipal elections, on November 29th, Lula calls for support for the leftist candidate.

The former president of Brazil, Luiz Inacio "Lula" da Silva, on Tuesday called on the leftist electorate to vote, independently of the party for which they voted on Sunday, for the socialist candidate Guillermo Boulos, who advanced to the second round scheduled for November 29.


Brazil Elections: The Left Challenges Bolsonaro At Home

Lula's call comes after it was confirmed that a Homeless Workers Movement's militant would contest the second round of the municipal elections for the Mayor of Sao Paulo. Boulos runs for the Socialism and Liberty Party against the current alderman, Bruno Covas, of the Brazilian Social Democratic Party (PSDB).

At the end of the electoral day last Sunday and after reaching 20.24 percent (against 32.86 percent for Covas), Boulos was consolidated as the alternative from the left to the current mayor.

Before this declaration by Lula in the name of the Workers Party (PT), other leaders of the PT itself had already advanced their support, such as the former presidential candidate, Fernando Haddad (who was also the mayor of Sao Paulo), and his opponent in the electoral race for mayor, Jilmar Tatto. The Communist Party of Brazil (PCdB) also expressed its support.

Orlando Silva, the candidate of the PCdB, declared in this respect: "It was important to defeat Bolsonaro in the first round. Now is the time to build a popular project that prioritizes employment and income and makes Sao Paulo a city free of racism. Let's go together."

Besides being a militant for the right to housing, Boulos was a candidate for the Republic's Presidency in the 2018 elections. The second round of municipal elections will take place on November 29. The difference between the two candidates is approximately 12 percentage points, although, with the support received, it can be cut significantly.

In his call, Lula said that "all those who want to re-establish democracy in Brazil, now have a historic commitment to vote for our comrade Guillermo Boulos."

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