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Lebanon: Citizens Protest Against Political Stalemate

  • Lebanese citizens rallying against political stalemate in the country.

    Lebanese citizens rallying against political stalemate in the country. | Photo: Twitter / @edrormba

Published 16 December 2018

Scores of Lebanese took to the street to show their dissatisfaction with the speed the country's administration is taking in forming the government. 

Hundreds of Lebanese descended upon the country’s streets to protest against political stalemate which has obstructed the formation of a new government seven months after elections.


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The Beirut demonstration was organized by the Communist Party and saw huge participation by many who are tired of Lebanon’s growing political and economic crisis.

They protested against corruption, bad public services, increasing public debt which is more than 150 percent GDP.

Lebanese Prime Minister-designate Saad al-Hariri said Thursday he hoped a new national unity government would be formed by the end of the year after seven months of wrangling over the allocation of ministerial posts.

Heavily indebted and with a stagnant economy, Lebanon desperately needs a new government to implement economic reforms to put its public finances on a more sustainable footing and unlock foreign aid.

Seven months after a general election, Lebanese leaders are still at odds on how to parcel out cabinet positions among rival groups according to a political system that shares out government positions among Christians and Muslim sects.

Lebanon has a long history of power-sharing, involving different religious denominations, in the country's political system. The president, prime minister and speaker of the parliament must each come from a specific religious background. 

The final hurdle to a deal has been the Sunni representation, with six Sunni lawmakers who are aligned with the Shi’ite Hezbollah group demanding a cabinet seat to reflect their gains in the election.

But the citizens are frustrated with waiting. Hence they brought out a wave of red in the streets of the capital city demanding a government.

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