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Janine Añez Is Playing With Bolivia's Future, Evo Morales Says

  • Bolivia has the largest lithium deposits in the world

    Bolivia has the largest lithium deposits in the world | Photo: EFE/Javier Mamani

Published 19 May 2020

The former president warned about the risks of privatizing Bolivia's resources.

Bolivia's acting president, Janine Añez, is planning to hand over the country's natural resources to transnationals, according to a tweet posted on Tuesday by former president Evo Morales.


Germany to Ask Bolivia's Next President to Revive Lithium Deal

"The de facto government is making arrangements to give the lithium project away to transnationals, against the Constitution and the interests of the country, and thus compromises the future of the nation," denounced Evo.
What right does she have to compromise our future? We have to remember that the repression against our natives was mostly because of the lithium.

Morales, who resigned from the presidency last November, forced by a coup against him, stated that the plot against his administration was a move from the government of the United States, to secure "the largest lithium reserves in the world, larger than Chile and Argentina."
"We had our own lithium industrialization project, and the United States could not turn a blind eye to this policy of ours," he said.

A couple of months ago, Luis Arce Catacora, presidential candidate for the Movement to Socialism (MAS), alerted that Añez was dissolving the agreements made under Evo's term. 

"We made agreements with a German company to sign a contract and start the export of lithium from Bolivia; however, it was paralyzed by a political decision," Arce said at the time, adding that Añez is aiming to drive state enterprises to bankruptcy and then privatize them.

Arce was referring to a contract signed with the German company ACI System. With that operation, Bolivia would have estimated profits of 4.5 billion dollars a year. According to him, the facto government plans to do business with other companies, presumably from the United States.

Lithium is a highly desired mineral, especially for its use in batteries. Bolivia has the largest reserves of this mineral in the world, concentrated mostly in the Salar de Uyuni, in the department of Potosi.

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