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Israeli Prisons Deny Basic Rights to 250 Palestinian Children

  • Israeli Prisons Deny Basic Rights to 250 Palestinian Children

    | Photo: Reuters

Published 5 April 2019

 Palestinian children are subjected to many forms of oppression inside of Israeli prisons, a new study by the Palestinian Detainees Committee claimed this week. 

Nearly 250 Palestinian children under the age of 18 are subjected to different forms of oppression, including torture, inside of the Israeli prison system, a new report from the Palestinian Detainees Committee claimed.


Israel Killed 57 Palestinian Children in 2018, 3 Times More Than Previous Year

The Palestinian Detainees Committee reported that most of the imprisoned children were abducted from their homes during the early morning hours and later physically abused by the Israeli forces at the interrogation centers. 

The children are held in several prisons by the Israeli authorities, including the Ofer, Majeddo, and Ad-Damoun detention centers, as reported by IEMA. 

Hundreds of these children later reach adulthood while imprisoned by the Israeli authorities.

This report by the Palestinian Detainees Committee was released ahead of the Palestinian Children's Day, which takes place on April 5th of each year.

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