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Israel Uses Starvation as a Weapon of War Against Gaza: OXFAM

  • Destruction caused by Israeli bombings to civilian infrastructure in Gaza, Oct. 2023.

    Destruction caused by Israeli bombings to civilian infrastructure in Gaza, Oct. 2023. | Photo: X/ @newsfromoxfam

Published 25 October 2023

Before Israel intensified the siege of Gaza, over 100 trucks delivered food to this Palestinian territory every day.

On Wednesday, OXFAM accused Israel of using "hunger as a weapon of war" against Palestinian civilians.


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This humanitarian organization demanded that food, water, fuel and other essential goods be allowed into the Gaza Strip, where 2.2 million people face an "urgent need for food."

Based on an analysis of United Nations data, the organization estimates that only 2 percent of the food that has been destined for Gaza has managed to enter the territory since Israel imposed the blockade on October 9.

"Although a small volume of food aid has been allowed in, commercial international food imports have not been delivered," OXFAM said.

Before the Israeli State intensified the siege of Gaza, 104 trucks delivered food to this Palestinian territory every day, which meant an average income of 1 truck every 14 minutes.

Over the weekend, 62 trucks were able to enter Gaza through the Egyptian Rafah crossing, but only 30 of them contained food, OXFAM specified.

"The situation is nothing short of horrific, where is humanity? Millions of civilians are being collectively punished for the entire world to see, there can be no justification for using hunger as a weapon of war. World leaders cannot continue idly by, they have the obligation to act and to act now," said Sally Abi Khalil, OXFAM's director for the Middle East, said.

Previously, OXFAM issued a statement asking the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) and other relevant international actors to urgently promote a ceasefire based unconditionally on the following principles:

-. Facilitate the delivery of lifesaving assistance, including food, medical supplies, fuel, and the resumption of electricity and internet to Gaza, in addition to safe passage of humanitarian and medical staff

-. Free all civilian hostages, especially children and elderly

-. Allow humanitarian convoys to reach UN facilities, schools, hospitals, and health facilities in Gaza and commit to protecting them along with the civilians and staff inside them at all times

-. Rescind orders by the Government of Israel for civilians to depart northern Gaza

-. Allow patients in critical condition to be medically evacuated for urgent care

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