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Iraq: The US-Led Combat Mission Will End, Yet Troops Remain

  • The U.S. has ended its combat mission against ISIS in Iraq, but troops will remain in the country.

    The U.S. has ended its combat mission against ISIS in Iraq, but troops will remain in the country. | Photo: Twitter/@thehill

Published 9 December 2021

The announcement included the news that the coalition troops began their withdrawal from the Arab country.

Iraq announced Thursday the end of the "combat mission" maintained in its territory by the international coalition led by the United States, which will keep its personnel in the country for training and advisory functions.

The spokesman of the Unified Command of the Armed Forces (AAF) of Iraq, Tahsin Jafaji, assured that most of the foreign combat units have already left Iraq.


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"The international coalition led by the U.S. begins the withdrawal of its troops as 'completion of the combat mission,'" announced Iraqi National Security Advisor Qasim Araji.

Last April, the United States reported on its agreement with Iraq to withdraw all its combat troops in that country.

Joe Biden's administration agreed to withdraw all remaining combat troops deployed in the country to fight jihadists, although a small contingent will remain for training purposes.

"Iraq announces the end of the "combat missions" of the International Coalition against the Islamic State. Baghdad has assured that the withdrawal of international forces from the country has begun."

Al Arayi indicated in a message on his account on the social network Twitter that "the relationship with the international coalition will continue in the training, advisory and training camps" of the Iraqi security forces, without giving further details in this regard.

Coalition fighter jets began their offensive against Islamic State (Daesh) positions in Iraq in August 2014, when the extremist group conquered much of Iraqi territory. 

Despite Baghdad declaring victory over Daesh (the Arabic acronym for Islamic State of Iraq and Levant) in December 2017, the United States has maintained its military presence in the Arab country, under the pretext of preventing the resurgence of terrorist groups.

Baghdad has questioned on different occasions the effectiveness of the bombings of the so-called coalition and criticized it for the structural damage and the many civilian casualties they have left on its territory.

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