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International Community's Double Standards Affect Venezuela

  • Ecuador' s former president Rafael Correa in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Nov. 12, 2020.

    Ecuador' s former president Rafael Correa in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Nov. 12, 2020. | Photo: EFE

Published 8 December 2020

Rafael Correa criticized right-wing governments for their inability to accept that Venezuela had an impeccable and peaceful election.

Ecuador's former President Rafael Correa Tuesday condemned the international opposition to Venezuela's parliamentary elections held on December 6.


World Leaders Support Venezuela After Assembly Election Results

"The attitude of many world leaders shows their double standard in issues such as human rights and electoral rights," Correa explained.

Countries such as Germany, Canada, Ecuador, Colombia, and Chile are calling Venezuela's parliamentary elections illegitimate because 30 percent of 20 million people called to vote went to the polls.

"Romania had the same percentage of attendance. However, no president or international outlets denied the election results of this European country that do not suffer from blockades and sanctions," Correa added.

Another example is Ecuador, where President Lenin Moreno intends to delay the 2021 general elections as he has put many obstacles to prevent the leftist alliance Union for Hope (UNES) binomial Andres Arauz- Carlos Rabascall from making its candidacy official.

"Moreno doesn't want to leave power. He knows that the binomial has a high probability of winning the elections. However, no one questions his assault on democracy either," Correa explained.

Despite the obstacles that the National Electoral Council (NEC) had to overcome, Venezuela had an impeccable and peaceful election day, according to Ecuador's former President.

"The main obstacle was the performance of the former assembly legislators, who promoted destabilizing actions without focusing on solving the problems of the Venezuelan people," he assured.

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