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Indian Forces Kills 4 Freedom Fighters in Kashmir

  • More pro-freedom militants killed by Indian armed forces.

    More pro-freedom militants killed by Indian armed forces. | Photo: Reuters

Published 30 December 2018

Indian Occupied Kashmir faces more bloodshed as armed forces killed four youth during a gunbattle in Pulwama district. 

Fresh clashes erupted in Pulwama, a district in the south of Indian Occupied Kashmir, Saturday, killing four Kashmiri youth.


Kashmiri Artists’ ‘Act of Resistance’ Against Indian Occupation

Indian troops murdered the four boys during a cordon and search operation (CASO) in Rajpora area of Pulwama. CASO is a common occurrence in the occupied territory where Indian troops cordon off an area and then start searching for suspected pro-freedom militants.

Kashmiris often protests against CASO while India retaliates by killing protestors. A gunfight ensued between the troops and pro-freedom militants, killing four.

When the civilians started protesting against the killing of the militants, the forces fired pellets and tear gas shells to disperse the protestors, injuring 11 civilians.

Demonstrations were held in all over Srinagar. Many sustained injuries due to the use of force by state police.

Pulwama is one of the most affected districts of Kashmir where regular CASO. Internet was suspended in the area to cut off contact.

Earlier in December, seven civilians were killed by armed forces in Pulwama, making this year the bloodiest in a decade.

Indian forces say they have killed 242 militants this year. In addition, 101 civilians and 82 state forces have  died, according to officials.

The occupation started in October 1947 when Maharaja Hari Singh, the then ruler of Kashmir, acceded the valley into Indian territory despite the opposition of Kashmiris.

Then-Prime Minister of India Jawaharlal Nehru after the accession of Kashmir to Indian territory promised a plebiscite to the natives. The promise has not been fulfilled yet by any of the successive administrations. Instead, the central government has allowed an increased body count of Kashmiris by Indian forces.

In 1987, insurgency rose in Kashmir after an election held in the India-controlled Jammu and Kashmir strengthened the standing of the pro-independence insurgency. The rigged election by the Indian government led to a series of protests which resulted in the Indian army's deployment in Kashmir in 1989.

Since the 1990s Indian troops greatly increased military attacks on the insurgencies and acting with impunity under the banner of fighting the insurgency.

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