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Honduras Concludes Primary Elections Vote Count

  • Electoral authorities perform vote count, Honduras, March 19, 2021.

    Electoral authorities perform vote count, Honduras, March 19, 2021. | Photo: Twitter/ @CneHonduras

Published 29 March 2021

Candidates from the National Party, the Freedom and Refoundation Party, and the Liberal Party will contest the Presidency post in November. 

Honduras' National Electoral Council (CNE) concluded the primary elections' vote count after two weeks of delays and electoral fraud allegations. 


Drug Trafficker Linked To The Honduran President Found Guilty

The National Party candidate Nasry Asfura, the Freedom and Refoundation Party representative Xiomara Castro, and the Liberal Party member Yani Rosenthal stay as main competitors for the Presidency post. 

Tegucigalpa mayor Asfura gained 579,764 votes, ex-first lady Xiomara Castro obtained 332,158 votes, and former Minister of the Presidency Yani Rosenthal secured 286,630 votes.

The CNE is set to announce final results in the coming weeks after the review of over 14,000 electoral records due to irregularities.

On March 14, over 2 million Hondurans also headed to the polls to select national lawmakers, mayorships, and representatives for the Central American Parliament.

The National Anticorruption Council noted that all the participating parties committed several irregularities, especially the duplication of minutes.

General elections will take place in November amid political tensions sparked by drug trafficking accusations implicating Honduras' President Juan Orlando Hernandez and several high-ranking politicians.

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