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Habeas Corpus Denied To Ecuador's Ex-VP Jorge Glas

  • Ecuadorean former Vice-President Jorge Glas' habeas corpus denied.

    Ecuadorean former Vice-President Jorge Glas' habeas corpus denied. | Photo: EFE FILE

Published 26 October 2018

Ecuadorean former Vice-President Jorge Glas has his appeal denied and will remain at the Latacunga maximum security prison.

A judge Friday denied the habeas corpus request filed by Ecuadorean former Vice-President Jorge Glas who was transferred Monday to a maximum security prison in the central city of Latacunga, court sources said.

Ecuador's Ex-VP Glas Begins Hunger Strike After Being Moved to Maximum Security Prison

The habeas corpus hearing was held at the Social Rehabilitation Center of the Cotopaxi province (in the Andean region of Ecuador). The verdict was handed-down by the Latacunga judge Vinicio Santamaria, as reported the newspaper El Comercio.

At the hearing, medical personnel attended, as the Glas lawyers assured that their client suffers from chronic gastritis and hypertension. Jorge Glas began a hunger strike Monday after being transferred to the Latacunga maximum security prison, his lawyer Eduardo Franco Loor has said.

Glas defender, Eduardo Franco Loor, said that the hunger strike responds to the "deplorable and inhumane" conditions of his detention while holding the government authorities responsible for the physical, psychological and life safety of his client, he said in a message on Twitter.

He also said that the Latacunga prison (Cotopaxi) "does not offer guarantees for the life and health of Jorge Glas and his human rights are being violated."

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