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Guatemala: Armed Man Shoots Students, Leaving 2 Dead

  • Anti-violence protesters in Guatemala, March, 2017.

    Anti-violence protesters in Guatemala, March, 2017. | Photo: Reuters

Published 13 October 2017

The suspect walked away from the crime scene. There are no leads or known motivations for the killing. 

A man approached the crowded Mixed National Institute Adrian Zapata High School in Guatemala City on Friday and shot Edwin Daniel Garcia Gonzalez, 17, at point-blank range. Garcia died soon after the attack.

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Two other students were injured from the attacker's firearm and taken to the emergency room. One of them, 16-year-old Osman Misael Flores, died in the hospital hours later. The other student remains hospitalized with injuries.

The killer was wearing a baseball cap and a large jacket, most likely to conceal his identity, police said. The attack, which lasted only a few moments, was caught on a security camera. 

Garcia’s father told Prensa Libre that he wasn’t aware of his son having any conflicts with anyone. There are no suspect leads at this time. 

Guatemala has suffered 2,236 homicides so far this year alone, according to the Diologa non-governmental organization.

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