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France to Impose More Controls on Mosques in Its Territory

  • President Emmanuel Macron delivers a speech in Mulhouse, France, Feb. 18 2020.

    President Emmanuel Macron delivers a speech in Mulhouse, France, Feb. 18 2020. | Photo: EFE

Published 18 February 2020

President Emmanuel Macron said that "Political Islam" has no place in his country.

France’s President Emmanuel Macron Tuesday announced greater control over mosques as part of his plan to fight "separatism" in neighborhoods where radical Islam is present.


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"We must have mosques transparently financed and directed by imams formed in France and respectful of our values," Macron said in Metz where he toured some slums.

As part of that his control plan, the arrival of imams from the Arab States and paid by those States will be prohibited.

Specifically, Macron pointed out the cases of Morocco, Algeria, and Turkey, while noting that the French Council of Muslim Worship will be supported to train religious in France.

After highlighting the "exemplary" collaborative work with Rabat and Algiers, Macron said it will not allow any other country to influence the teaching of Islam in France, in clear reference to Ankara.

"Political Islam has no place" in France, said Emmanuel Macron in Mulhouse today.

"You cannot apply the laws of Turkey on French soil," said the French president.

Macron expressed his desire to "fight against foreign influences", "favor the organization of Muslim worship" and "fight against any manifestation of Islamist separatism."

According to the French politician, "in the name of a confession" many of the inhabitants of poor neighborhoods renounce the values ​​of his country.

"The 'separatism' is nourished by the absence, in some places, of an alternative offer. On the social, sports, cultural or health realms, we have to accompany associations and municipalities more strongly," said the president.


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