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'Fora Bolsonaro', Thousands Chant in Brazil

  • The sign reads

    The sign reads "General chloroquine, it was all about tipping" Sao Paulo, Brazil, Jul. 24, 2021. | Photo: Twitter/ @AndreteleSUR

Published 24 July 2021

Besides being criticized for his mishandling of the pandemic, Bolsonaro is linked to a corruption scandal related to the overbilling in the purchase of AstraZeneca vaccines.

On Saturday, thousands of people flooded the street of over 20 cities in Brazil demanding far-right President Jair Bolsonaro's resignation. 


Brazilians Want Bolsonaro Out After a New Corruption Scandal

Under the slogan "Out Bolsonaro", demonstrators asked for more COVID-19 vaccines to stop the wave of related deaths beating the South American nation.

The General Attorney's Office has opened an investigation against Bolsonaro's government for the alleged overbilling in the purchase of AstraZeneca vaccines. 

The President himself, and some members of his family and Cabinet may face charges related to this multimillionaire corruption scandal. 

The meme reads: "Brazil: A country where protests are not named after dates, but after death tolls." 
Brazil has shot about 130 million COVID-19 vaccines doses since the beginning of the national vaccination campaign in January.
The figure shows that about 40 percent of the adult population have received at least one dose, while only 17 percent have been completely immunized.
As of Saturday morning, health authorities had reported over 19.6 million COVID-19 cases and 548.000 deaths.
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