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Egypt Urges Israel Not to Target Rafah Border Crossing in Gaza

  • Ubication of the Rafah border crossing.

    Ubication of the Rafah border crossing. | Photo: X/ @visegrad24

Published 12 October 2023

Egypt urged all countries and international organizations to provide humanitarian and relief aid to the Palestinians in Gaza.

On Thursday, the Egyptian Foreign Ministry urged Israel to avoid targeting the Rafah crossing on the border between the Gaza Strip and Egypt.


11 UN Staff Killed in Israeli Bombardment of Gaza

"The Rafah crossing remains open and has not been closed since the beginning of the ongoing crisis, but its basic infrastructure at the Palestinian side was destroyed due to the recurrent Israeli raids which prevent its normal operation," the statement said.

Raids on the Rafah crossing should be evaded, so the crossing can be restored to serve as a life artery for supporting the Palestinian brothers in the strip.

Egypt urged all countries and regional and international organizations to provide humanitarian and relief aid to the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip to reduce their sufferings caused by the continuous and violent Israeli strikes.

Egypt directed international aid for Gaza to al-Arish Airport in the north of Egypt's Sinai Peninsula, the statement said.

On Saturday, the Palestinian Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas) launched an operation on Israeli towns adjacent to the Gaza Strip, prompting Israel to launch retaliatory strikes.

In Gaza, Israel continues its massive airstrikes and has halted the supply of water and electricity. The United Nations reports that at least 200,000 Palestinians have been displaced, with over 120,000 taking shelter in UN schools under challenging conditions. 

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