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Ecuadorian Lawmakers Move Toward Political Trial Against Lasso

  • Ecuador's President Guillermo Lasso (C).

    Ecuador's President Guillermo Lasso (C). | Photo: Twitter/ @pbrown4348

Published 11 April 2023

The Oversight Commission has now 30 days to present a report on the impeachment process.

On Monday afternoon, the Ecuadorian Congress' Oversight Commission met to start the first stage of the impeachment process against President Guillermo Lasso.


Ecuador: Cal Approves Start Of Impeachment Process Against Lasso

At their meeting, the members of the Commission took cognizance of 63 pieces of evidence presented by lawmakers Ana Belen Cordero, Roberto Cuero, Comps Cordova, Pablo Muentes, and Maria Gabriela Molina.

The incorporation of those pieces of evidence into the impeachment trial was approved with five votes in favor and four votes against.

Prior to the Commission session, Lasso's lawyer Edgar Neira presented a document requesting that the investigation period of the contracts between the Ecuadorian Oil Fleet (FLOPEC) and Amazonas Tanker be extended from 2018 to 2022.

"All the requests are based on the President's right to defense," the lawyer said, vowing that his request did not seek to delay or obstruct the impeachment process against Lasso, who has been accused of embezzlement in those contracts.

According to the regulations in force, the Oversight Commission has 30 days to present a report on the impeachment process. Whatever its content, however, this report will later be known by the plenary session of Congress.

If 92 lawmakers vote against Lasso, the Ecuadorian President would be immediately removed from office. For now, Lasso and his lawyer can present exculpatory evidence until April 16.

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