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Ecuador Government Violating Ola Bini's Rights: Father Warns

  • Ola Bini's press conference

    Ola Bini's press conference | Photo: Twitter @denisseteleSUR

Published 16 April 2019

In a press conference, parents of the software developer and advocate of digital rights Ola Bini said they were "asking the authorities to stop with the accusations."

The parents of Ola Bini, the Swedish software developer arrested in Ecuador earlier this week, gave a press conference in Ecuador's capital Quito Tuesday a day after they arrived into the country. 

WikiLeaks 'Collaborator' Ola Bini in Preventative Custody

During the press conference, Bini’s father Dag Gustafsson rejected allegations against the activist and requested that "the authorities support them and stop with the accusations." He said that Lenin Moreno's government were violating his son's rights. Bini’s parents also assured they are not receiving money from any organization.

"We want to ask authorities in Ecuador to release him; we are certain he is innocent of what he is been accused. We want to ask also Swedish authorities and politician to help us as much as they can. We ask for your help to spread the word and build support for Ola," Gustafsson told reporters according to teleSUR Correspondent Denisse Herrera who attended the press event. 

Meanwhile, Carlos Soria, Bini's lawyer, asserted that "the only link between my client and Julian Assange is friendship because they work in computer development. He has no collaboration with WikiLeaks or worked for WikiLeaks or works on WikiLeaks. It is a personal bond of friendship with Assange."

During the press conference, the parents announced that Bini's defense team was taking legal actions internationally to demonstrate the irregularities in their detention.

Bini's defense is also waiting for the arrival of the Swedish Ambassador in Colombia to Quito in order to hold meetings regarding the situation along with the Swedish Consul in Quito, Ola Ernberg.

Bini, a software developer, was arrested by the Ecuadoran police for allegedly attempting to destabilize the government by "collaborating" with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange.

Free speech activists are sounding the alarm over Ecuador's government actions against both Bini and Assange. "It is worrying that the due process has been violated," David Ochoa, Member of Free Software Association in Ecuador told teleSUR. "This has been public that the lawyers did not have access; the airport is not a place to arrest people. If something happened they should bring him to the detention place the same day ... obviously, there are problems."

Assange was controversially stripped of his asylum status and had his Ecuadorean citizenship "suspended" by the government in Quito led by President Lenin Moreno and immediately arrested by British authorities last Thursday in the London embassy of the South American country.

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