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Ecuador: Electoral Officials Purged for Being 'Close' to Rafael Correa

  • Nubia Villacis, president of the National Electoral Council.

    Nubia Villacis, president of the National Electoral Council. | Photo: EFE

Published 18 July 2018

Ecuador’s temporary Council for Citizen Participation argued electoral authorities were "close" to former president Rafael Correa.  

Ecuador’s temporary Council for Citizen Participation and Social Control (CPCCS) voted Tuesday to remove all authorities of the National Electoral Council citing self-identification inconsistencies, lack of pertinent degrees, and sympathy towards former President Rafael Correa.  

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The controversially elected members of the CPCCS contend that its former members “had conflicts of interest when they named the authorities of the CNE, which created an indication of illegitimacy in their designation.”

The report by the CPCCS contends that counselors Paul Salazar and Mauricio Tayupanta lacked integrity to form part of the CNE because of their allegedly close relation with the executive branch during Correa’s government, that Luz Haro (counselor) and Nubia Villacis (president) were not coherent in their self identification, having identified first as Mestizas and later as Indigenous and Montuvia, respectively.  

Villacis told the CPCCS counselors they are “children of our legitimacy,” referring to the February 2018 popular consultation and referendum through which President Lenin Moreno was given the authority to purge the previous members of the CPCCS.

According to many political analysts the questions were illegal because it changed the structure of the state, which can only be done through a constituent assembly.   

After winning the referendum, Lenin Moreno sent a list of three candidates for each of the seven counselor positions within the CPCCS to the National Assembly. The legislative elected its current members from Moreno’s list.

The CNE members affected will have three days to present an official request for the CPCCS to review its decision.

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