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ELN Invites Colombian Government to Peace Talks

  • ELN Invites Colombian government to peace talks

    ELN Invites Colombian government to peace talks | Photo: Reuters

Published 4 October 2018

Colombia National Liberation Army reaches out to the government in latest attempt for peace in the nation. 

The National Liberation Army (ELN) have invited the government of Colombia to discuss ideas for a peaceful Colombia, insisting that failure to do so could result in, "serious danger for the progress of the political situation in the nation." 


Colombia: Government Negotiators Fail to Show at ELN Peace Talks

Through a public letter sent to the Peace Commission of the Colombian Senate, the ELN requested the legislators to, "meet in order to continue advancing an end of the armed conflict, and to agree on transformations for peace and equity in Colombia." 

The letter, signed by the head of dialogue delegation Pablo Beltran, comes two months after the last meeting between the two parties was held. Since then, the ELN have claimed to be holding six members of security forces in the Province of Choco, in response to President Ivan Duque allegedly failing to provide adequate conditions to restart dialogue.  


Last month, the ELN released nine detainees as part of its effort to strike an agreement with Duque's regime. "The ELN fulfills its word as promised," said an insurgent commander. "This liberation is a unilateral humanitarian action."  

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