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Meet the Collective Making It Easy to Discover Latin America's African Roots

  • Participants in the AfroColon tour.

    Participants in the AfroColon tour. | Photo: Facebook / Afrolatino Travel

Published 28 May 2016

The group has several trips planned for the year, including visits to countries such as Peru, Brazil and Cuba.

Ever been curious about Latin America’s African history? A new travel collective is making it easy to do just that.

AfroLatino Travel is more than just your typical travel agency. Instead of booking tickets and finding hotels, they consult, build and create trips focused on exposing travellers to Latin America’s African roots.

Callejon de Hamel | Photo: Facebook / Afrolatino Travel

In Cuba, for example, the collective suggests checking out the Yoruba Museum to learn more about the Orishas, or heading to the Callejon de Hamel, where one can see the artwork of AfroCuban artist Salvador Gonzalez.

Food in Isla Tierrabomba, off the coast of Cartagena, Colombia. | Photo: Facebook / Afrolatino Travel 

Beyond Havana, Afrolatina Travel can advise travelers where they should go to explore Afrolatina history and culture in Peru, Nicaragua, Brazil, Mexico and beyond.

They also work with various groups in these countries, providing opportunities for community-building and activism.

Afro Portobelo. | Photo: Facebook / Afrolatino Travel 

Check out the travel clips of one the collective’s founders, Dash Harris:

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