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Delegates from 40 Nations Rally in Support of Venezuela, Cuba

  • Delegates from 40 Nations Rally in Support of Venezuela, Cuba

    | Photo: teleSUR

Published 7 April 2019

Intellectuals from 40 nations attended a seminar in Mexico to show their solidarity with Venezuela and Cuba.

Mexico´s Workers Party held a large seminar on Sunday to show support for Venezuela and Cuba as they face a hostile blockade by western nations, led by the U.S. regime.


 Venezuela and Russia Work on Schemes to Break US Blockade

Over 100 delegates from 40 nations attended today´s seminar dubbed "Parties and a New Society'", which tackles issues like the economic blockade on Venezuela and Cuba, along with the threat to peace in Colombia and the Middle East.

The conference attendees, including many economists, political scientists, and academics, passed 15 resolutions to counter the U.S.-led blockade and to show their solidarity with Venezuela and Cuba as they overcome these hostile policies. 

Among the most recent hostile actions taken by the Trump regime has been the blockade imposed on tankers traveling from Venezuela to Cuba.

The U.S. regime´s decision to impose this blockade is part of their inhuman attempt to deprive the people of Cuba and Venezuela of much needed supplies like hydrocarbons and oil.

In commemoration of the unjustly imprisoned former Brazilian president, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, the delegates at the seminar passed a resolution that demanded his immediate release, along with Argentenian social leader, Milagros Salas, and other political prisoners in Latin America, the U.S. and other countries.

Finally, the delegates also demanded the security of Julian Assange, who is facing expulsion by the Ecuadorean embassy.

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