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Cuban Venezuelans Pay Homage to Castro on Death Anniversary

  • Fidel Castro pictured in 2006.

    Fidel Castro pictured in 2006. | Photo: Reuters

Published 24 November 2017

Cuban Venezuelans announce solidarity with the world’s oppressed peoples on the anniversary of Fidel Castro’s passing to honor his vision.

The Association of Cuban and Cuban Residents in the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela will pay tribute to Cuba’s Fidel Castro on the first anniversary of his death, Nov. 25.

Fidel: A Revolutionary Life


The Association released a statement saying that “we follow now more than ever the principles and values of love for the fatherland and humanity with modesty, selflessness, altruism, and solidarity practiced every day during his [Fidel’s] long life, in which he stayed present in all the battles of the world’s oppressed people.”

Continuing, the statement points out that the values shown by Fidel Castro would be manifested in the 21st century. “From Fidel we received multiple lessons in all spheres of life. As a great teacher, he formed us with firmness, courage, and love.”

The organization stressed a need to cultivate present and future generations to fight for  Fidel’s vision to eliminate threats and dangers to oppressed people all over the world.


Fidel Castro
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