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Cuba: Posters Take the Vanguard Against the US Blockade

  • Colombians view Cuban posters displayed in Havana.

    Colombians view Cuban posters displayed in Havana. | Photo: Reuters

Published 9 May 2017

The blockade not only penalizes Cuban citizens, but also third countries and Americans.

Cuba's hosting its first #NoMásBloqueo (No More Blockade) poster contest.

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Launched by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MINREX) and the National Design Office (ONDI), the concept behind the competition is to bring added awareness to the ongoing blockade imposed on the Caribbean nation.

José Carlos Rodríguez, MINREX director of communication and image, announced that the 15 most creative posters will participate in an exhibition in Havana. Thereafter, they'll travel to New York and Washington DC before being displayed in other international capitals.

Rodríguez emphasized that, despite former U.S. President Barack Obama's attempts at diplomatic rapprochement with Havana, the over half a century economic, commercial, and financial blockade remains in effect.

He pointed out that the blockade not only penalizes Cubans, but also third country citizens and Americans.

Obama's historic 2016 trip to Cuba, the first by a sitting US president in 88 years, was preceded by statements of friendship. In his own words, he was en route to Havana to “extend a hand of friendship,” and to “leave the past behind.”

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However, Gisele Herrero, ONDI director, reminded that redress for the United States' failed policies must also accompany professions of friendship. She considers the poster contest a wonderful opportunity to bring awareness to the lawsuit against the blockade, by means of graphics and design.

She also noted that the media is capable of generating wars and that images and technologies are fundamental in that regard.

Cuba's #NoMásBloqueo poster competition seeks to defend itself from the war waged against its people ever since the triumph of the Revolution.

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