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Cuba Enacts Regulations for Food Distribution Amid US Sanctions

  • Cuba is regulating the sale of certain products to ensure fair distribution of goods.

    Cuba is regulating the sale of certain products to ensure fair distribution of goods. | Photo: Reuters

Published 12 May 2019

Cuba implemented measures to regulate food, and certain hygiene products to ensure fair distribution of goods in the face of increased U.S. blockade. 

The Ministry of Internal Trade (Mincin) of Cuba announced Friday the implementation of a series of measures related to food, hygiene, and other products.


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These measures are intended to ensure a fair and rational distribution and avoid hoarding of the said products according to Betsy Diaz Velazquez, head of the Mincin.

The measures are necessary to tackle a complex financial situation the country is experiencing due to an intensified blockade by the administration of the United States President Donald Trump.

This has forced the country to look for new distant markets which are more expensive, hence, the impact on the levels of supply to the population.

The products whose sale will be regulated are chicken, eggs, sausages, and hygiene products.

Chicken, which is an imported product, will be sold only up to five kgs per person or two packages in foreign currency but it is prohibited to be sold in boxes.

The minister explained that during the first quarter of the year the supply of goods such as oil, eggs, and rice, has remained stable, however, the demand has doubled as a consequence of lack of other goods that used to be a part of family diets.

The sale of cleaning products such as washing and bath soap will also be regulated.

Cuba annually imports more than US$2 billion in food from far away countries, which makes everything more expensive. This is a result of the financial and commercial restrictions of the U.S. blockade which has intensified the last few months as a result of additional measures imposed by the Trump government.

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