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Cuba: Denounces U.S. Cyber Attacks Against the Nation

  • Miguel Rodriguez at the UN

    Miguel Rodriguez at the UN | Photo: Prensa LAtina

Published 9 September 2019

Cyber attacks, media campaigns and the blockade against Cuba by the U.S. go against international law and U.N. protocols: Cuba Minister of Communication

During one of the first United Nations General Assembly meetings held on Monday, Cuba's Minister of Communications Miguel Rodriguez denounced the United States' continued attempts to create a media campaign against the island nation. 


US Restricts Sending of Remittances to Cuba, Bans Donations

The official commented that the U.S. government is taking "unilateral measures" against Cuba to prevent its access to communication technology via the illegal the economic, commercial and financial blockade on the island, he stressed. According to Prensa Latina, these actions violate United Nations' principles and goals, and go against international law.

In addion, said the minister, in 2019 alone, the U.S. transmitted via television and other media outlets, 865 hours per week of anti-Cuba rhetoric over 21 different television and radio channels out of the U.S.

"Once again, we urge (the U.S.) to put an immediate end to these aggressive that damage the sovereignty of Cuba that are also incompatible to the development of respectful cooperation between our states," said Rodriguez.

It's very serious that the U.S. government authorized in September 2018 the use of cyber weapons and operations against the island.

"We reject these aggressive practices and cyber attacks,'' said Rodriguez to the international audience at the high-level meeting.

Along with the unilateral sanctions imposed by the U.S. and the blockade, Cuban and U.S. entities are still interested in cooperating, said the minister.

bussiness forum Havana
On a recent bussiness forum, entities from both countries agreed to cooperate in informatics and comunications despite the agressive policies from the US towards Cuba/ACN

Cuba also faces many obstacles with the escalation of the Helms-Burton Act that Rodriguez also said is aggressive on part of U.S. authorities and counterproductive and harmful to the realtionships between the two nations. 

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