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Cuba Condemns 'Cynical' Misrepresentation of Venezuela by Media

  • President of Cuba, Raul Castro, also addressed the Assembly Thursday and voiced support for Venezuela's Bolivarian Revolution.

    President of Cuba, Raul Castro, also addressed the Assembly Thursday and voiced support for Venezuela's Bolivarian Revolution. | Photo: Reuters

Published 2 June 2017

In a statement of support for Venezuela, the Cuban National Assembly called out "oligarchic sectors in conspiracy with foreign interests."

Deputies in the National Assembly of People's Power of the Republic of Cuba issued an official declaration of support for the government and people of Venezuela on Thursday, and called out the “oligarchic and transnational” media for misrepresenting and distorting the reality of the ongoing situation in the Bolivarian republic.

Cuban Assembly Analyzes, Advances Economic and Social Model

“The oligarchic and transnational media spread messages and images that cynically misrepresent reality, obscure the important achievements of Chavismo, and avoid referring to the barbarism of the coup attempt – as was the case of the youth the opposition hordes set on fire,” the statement of support read, referencing a recent incident captured on video in which a man was set on fire for being a “suspected Chavista.”

Although the opposition protests have frequently turned violent and have resulted in over 70 deaths, coverage by opposition sources and world media has usually ignored the violence, or attempted to blame all the deaths on "repression" at the hands of government security forces in spite of the fact that most of the deaths were not protesters.

The statement which was presented by Yoerkys Sánchez Cuéllar, president of the parliamentary group Solidarity with Venezuela, argues that the ongoing protests in conjunction with misinformation campaigns and international pressures from the Organization of American States (OAS), are efforts “in the service of empire” for the benefit of “oligarchic sectors” who wish to open up the wealth of natural resources in Venezuela to transnational corporations.

“The oligarchic sectors, in conspiracy with foreign interests, have tried to spread chaos through terrorist methods throughout the country. In the name of false values of democracy and human rights, they have destabilized the country,” the deputies said in the official statement.

The OAS and their “frantic and interventionist Secretary General,” Luis Almagro, were called out in the statement for their role in leading attempts to remove Maduro. The OAS was singled out for having demonstrated hypocrisy in the face of repressive and undemocratic situations elsewhere in the region. The deputies argue that the OAS's silence "reflects the double standard that prevails" in the organization.

The statement calls on regional and world leaders to respect Venezuela's sovereignty and right to self-determination.

“We call on legislators and parliaments of the world to maintain solidarity with Venezuela... with the confidence that the Bolivarian Revolution and people are guided with the wisdom, capacity and historical reason to overcome their difficulties and determine their own path,” the deputies said before the National Assembly.

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